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Summer Fun and Sterling Silver Jewelry May 22 2014

Now that summer is on the horizon, we are gearing up for a fun season of outdoor entertaining, camping and watersports.  It's natural to want to wear your favorite clothing and accessories for these fun activities, however some recreational choices may damage or alter the appearance of sterling silver jewelry.  Here are some tips to keep your fashion investment long-lasting looking tip-top!

NEVER wear your jewelry in a swimming pool, hot tub, lake, ocean or shower - chemicals and minerals in all of these waters can strip your jewelry of it's finish, cause a chemical reaction, or remove the oxidation from the silver.

If you are playing sports or even laying out sun tanning, we advise that you remove your jewelry, as sweat, oils and sunscreen can all be harmful to the finish on sterling silver.

If you find yourself at a campfire or thrust into chef duty, it's always best to take off your silver jewelry and store it in a safe place.  Campfire smoke can coat the jewelry and give it a dull luster, and many foods can also harm the finish of your jewelry.

If your favorite Pandora or Kameleon pieces are looking a little drab or tarnished, please bring them in and we will do our best to bring them back to clean, sparkling, and brand-new looking!   

Join Us for Pandora's Essence Collection Launch Party April 09 2014

The Pandora Essence Collection is a new and innovative concept featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of delicate hand-finished sterling silver charms, each representing a personal value. 

Pandora Essence collection helps women express their innermost self through the symbolic charms, each of which are engraved with key values, such as joy, hope, love, loyalty, passion, balance, compassion and health.

Baskets in the Park invites you to join us on Saturday, April 12th, from 10 am to 2 pm, as we launch this beautiful product line.  With a $100 Essence purchase, your gift is a beautiful Pandora candle.  Also, be sure to enter our draw for your chance to win the Essence bracelet and the Wellness charm.